Romy pants


You have to be able to imagine it because we are still waiting for the prototype...Hihihi (Yes, you have to dare, that's for sure! But it's obvious that these Romy pants in embroidered velvet are going to be a gem! I assure you! In addition, we decided to extend its length: 95 cm below the belt. A hem is always possible if necessary.

The attached photos do not match the pants. In fact, the new Romy pants in black velvet gain two centimeters in length, making them easier to wear in winter. In addition there is a front zip and a button at the belt for more comfort (see drawing). The two leather tabs and two buttons have therefore been removed for simplicity. The color of the new Romy is black for timeless pants.

The daisies will be without leaves or stems on the new production. We preferred to embroider our iconic daisy.

It refines the silhouette with its close-fitting cut. Velvet is a material that we like to work with at Flolove. It is chic and soft, pleasant to wear. Decorated with gold embroidery to enhance pants with a simple and refined aesthetic. It is worn with the Yoko jacket.

  • Velvet
  • 100% cotton
  • Embroidery made in Picardy 🇫🇷
  • No side pockets so as not to be too thick
  • 1 front zip
  • 1 button on the belt
  • Shipping scheduled for mid-January 2024
  • Return and exchange possible
A word from Florence

"We like the John pants in the photo less because of their loose volume. The velvet Romy is ideal to replace them. A perfect style with the Yoko jacket. An elegant and comfortable set with its velvet."


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