Daisy plate


It is a delicate, precious, limited edition plate. For daily use or as a decorative element.

Plate in white stoneware, decorated by hand with colored engobes. Sandstone is a clay that becomes waterproof when cooked, making it a very good clay for utility pieces that can then be washed in the dishwasher and in the microwave. They are first fired at 1000 degrees (this is called biscuit firing), then glazed with transparent enamel and annealed at 1200 degrees. The colors are made with coloring oxides (such as chromium, iron, or manganese oxide), and only reveal their true color after the second firing.

Each piece is unique.

Diameter: 17cm

Delivery within 2/3 days

A word from Florence

"I immediately fell in love with the world of this ceramist. I had the chance to imagine this plate withJulie Brouant🌼 We imagined the drawing in Flolove's image, then Julie made a small hand-painted production 🖌"

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