Precious moments. This kind of quite simple human adventure that give you the impulsion, that boost making you want to go the extra mile.

Florence Rouchon, born 1986 at Gassin, France, started studying stylism in 2004 at the Institut Supérieur de la Mode (Superior Institute of Fashion), in Paris. She then got her first experience by the side of Karl Lagerfeld, and by working in the Galeries Lafayette.

During the year 2012, driven by the will of having a complete freedom over creation, Florence founded the Parisian pret-a-porter clothing brand, Flolove Paris. A poetically named project that yet holds flippancy and the signature of authenticity for its creative limited edition collections.

Passionate and full-figured woman, Florence is letting her creativity bloom by shaping and fashioning matters or tissue, thus giving life to her emotions and ideas. That’s her way of giving her opinion about fashion, dissect it, and customize it in order to reinvent it.

Florence is getting her inspiration from the sweet sensuality of flowers. She started to receive a parallel training as florist in 2016, and that’s where she discovered that a full immersion into the botanical world would be an infinite source of inspiration for her. Working and treating the land she glances, observes, spots new inspiration, draws the next common thread of her upcoming new pieces.